Ever curious about what a paint party set up should include? I’m pulling back the curtain today and showing you my super easy, no-fail paint party set up! Here’s what you should have ready before your students ever walk in the door.

What is a Paint Party?

Before I get into what you need to have on hand to teach a paint party, I thought I’d back up a minute. I get asked all the time what a paint party is. Simply put, it’s getting together with a group and having a blast making art pieces!

This can be done online or in person. In this case, I’m sharing my set up for a paint party that’s an in-person event.

What do I Need to Host a Paint Party?

What you actually paint can vary from party to party, but generally, you’ll use the same basic supplies. The good news about that is once you have your set up down, you can reuse it again and again. Here’s what you need to have on hand when you are teaching a paint party.

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A Space to Teach

Okay, so this isn’t something you will actually pack and bring with you, but it’s a crucial element nonetheless. I usually teach in churches, offices, rec centers, or even in someone’s home. In terms of space, all you really need is enough space for folding tables and chairs to seat the attendees, as well as a table for yourself.

Tables and Chairs

Often the venue will supply these for you, but if you are teaching in someone’s home, you may need to bring your own. Luckily, home parties are typically small in number so you won’t have to invest a ton. Folding tables with carrying handles are a great option.

I also make sure to have plastic tablecloths on hand for each event. They will protect your table and make for very easy clean up at the end of the night. Simply roll it up and drop it in the trash or recycling bin.


Having easels for each attendee may seem a bit overwhelming, but it will make all the difference! It’ll be much easier for your students to paint if you provide this supply. They aren’t very pricey either – you can get a 3-pack of tabletop easels for $16.


I highly encourage you to provide aprons for your students. The last thing you want is for someone to walk away unhappy because they have gotten paint smeared all over their clothes.

Plus, matching aprons look super cute in group pictures—which may help spread the word even more about your paint parties!

Water Cups

You can use reusable cups or disposable—just make sure to provide a cup for each person so she can rinse her brush. I fill each one up ahead of time from a jug so it’s ready to go when they walk in.


I like these brushes from Craft Smart. They last forever and are easy to clean. Each person gets 2-3 brushes depending on what painting we are doing.

Canvases or Wood

I typically teach canvas painting, but I will do wood from time to time. Canvases are easier to transport and more affordable generally. You can buy canvases in bulk at a craft store—don’t forget your coupon!


I like to bring 10 time more paint than I will actually need. You never know what colors some painters might want to use!!! I always make sure to grab a few bottles of my FAVORITE secret weapon – DecoArt 24k Gold paint. It’s fantastic!

Paper Towels and Baby Wipes

I like to supply both to my painters. Trust me, it’s MUCH easier to ask the class to wipe their brushes clean at the end of the parties than cleaning 50 brushes yourself.

Other Things to Have on Hand

  • sign with your business info on it – this is a cute way to remind people to stay in touch with you.
  • stamp – I had a custom stamp made with my business info and stamp the back of every canvas. This makes it easy for people to find you when they are ready for their next paint party!
  • examples of the next paintings you will do – I like to bring examples of the paintings that I will be offering at that venue the next month to build excitement. You can even go ahead and sign up people right then too!

Video: See my Paint Party Set Up

I filed a short, 2-minute video to show y’all exactly what a typical paint party set up looks like for me.

Let me know if you like little videos like this and enjoy seeing my Paint Parties in action!!! 🙂

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