Cheryl with Tinker’s Cart Art and I got together to paint some painted prayers paintings while she shared her paint party business success story. She’s been doing paint parties for about 8 years now. She started out teaching decorative and tole painting which lead her to teach paint nights!

Cheryl, Tinker's Cart Art
Cheryl, Tinker’s Cart Art

Paint party business success

Paint and Sip parties were exploding at the time and she started to make inquiries. She found where she could just work for someone else and even found the franchise end of it. She thought really that she could just do it on her own. So she went out and bought some art supplies and started booking private painting parties at venues.

Cheryl’s business was super successful, she was holding paint events three to four nights a week! Her paint nights ranged from restaurants to private parties and even corporate events. Her business was just rolling along and she loved that she was able to teach people how to paint they left with a beautiful piece of art.

Tinker's Cart Art acrylic on canvas paintings
Photo by Cheryl, Tinker’s Cart Art

Joining Paint Party Headquarters

When Cheryl joined Paint Party Headquarters she kinda thought she knew it all. She had jumped in and was doing paint parties and was already successful. But when the pandemic hit everything stopped. Because of her membership in PPHQ she was able to learn how to pivot her business. Cheryl learned how to do virtual painting parties and how to sell ceramics with reverse paint parties.

Cheryl says if you are scared just remember you have that light within you. Every time she goes LIVE she is scared but she just hits that button and moves through her fear. Her advice is to just jump forward, it’s so worth it! She also suggests joining Paint Party Headquarters. It’s such a nurturing wonderful community to bring you along, whether you’re a very beginner or if you’re more experienced and think you know it all. It’s a great fit for everyone.

painted prayer painting

What is a Painted Prayer Painting?

Earlier I told you that Cheryl and I created painted prayer’s paintings while we chatted all things paint parties. These are super simple and sooo much FUN to paint! You pick one of your favorite bible verses or quotes to paint on a background of your own creation! These are great for paint parties, your guests will love the personalization and choosing their bible verse or quote. Learn how to host a Painted Prayers Painting Party and so much more in Paint Party Headquarters.

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Listen to Cheryl’s paint party business success story:

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