Dana from Imagine Nation Paint found purpose and healed from loss through painting. In 2020 she suffered a second miscarriage and was looking for purpose. She considered starting a paint party business several years ago and just never did it. But, she saw friend that was doing it and was like Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t even know where to start. She also never really considered it could be a business that would bring in an income for her family.

Dana Yeatts of Imagine Nation Paint

Finding Her Purpose Through Painting

Dana suffered a miscarriage in early 2020.  This was her sign from God. She needed to plug herself in to something positive, something to help her heal but also something that kept her focused. And she knew she had a purpose; she didn’t know what that purpose was. So, she had a conversation with God, she needed a breakthrough; she asked God “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”.

Through her grief she found painting healing. Though it had been years since she had painted. As she painted more, she decided to start doing paint parties. It’s something she knows, something that makes her happy and makes her feel better. She was able to take a really sad and dark time and turn it in to something positive. She knows this is all about paint parties but in reality, it’s so much more. God places you in all of these situations in life, there is something he wants you to learn and he wants you to gain strength. God has a plan and purpose for you!

Imagine Nation Paint Paint Party Set Up
Paint Party Set Up by Dana Yeatts of Imagine Nation Paint

Creating A Painting Party Business With Purpose

Dana googled “How do you teach a paint party?”.  All of my YouTube videos came up. Dana just started binge watching. She thought it was the coolest thing ever and decided to join Paint Party Headquarters.

As she was starting to build her business Covid hit and she thought “What am I supposed to do?”.  She had in person paint parties booked and she had to cancel all of them.  She says “You can either stop and freeze or you can pivot.”. Find a way to make something work.

Imagine Nation Paint Porch Leaner Paint Party Patrons
Imagine Nation Paint Porch Leaner Paint Party Patrons

Success In Business

Having the support from PPHQ and just being able to plug in and come up with different strategies really helped. She started doing paid online paint parties.  She was winging it but was determined to make it work. So, she did whatever she needed to.

Dana finally had her first in person paint party in October. She was so nervous but as soon as she started teaching it just felt natural. Now she’s teaching in person paint parties at a vineyard in her area. She’s consistently had 25 or more people at her parties. All of her parties have been profitable.  It’s been a huge blessing.

Paint Parties in person, paint parties online, as well as learning how to make more $$$ with your art is a skill that you can learn. A great place to start is the Paint and Business Bootcamp. Sign up here.

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