Outside of painting supplies and a fun attitude, there’s only one other must-have for me when it comes to throwing a paint party…a painting playlist!! The right music can make or break a paint party.

Music is so powerful – it can literally change the mood of the entire party, even if everything else is the same. Just think of how different you feel if you are driving in the car and your favorite upbeat tune comes on. You instantly feel happier and more energetic!

The same is true of your attendees. Get the music right and they are practically guaranteed to have FUN, which is what painting is all about!

painting playlist to listen to during your next paint party

What Makes a Good Painting Playlist

I’m going to share my curated painting playlist below. First, let’s chat about what makes a good playlist for painting.

1) The Right Tempo

Music is more than just something to listen to – there’s actually a reason why music is used in movies and plays to convey certain emotions and add emphasis.

A painting playlist needs to follow this same principle – it should match the mood of your painting party.

I personally want all my attendees to leave feeling like they had the best time ever, so I opt for more upbeat music. However, if your paint parties are geared towards therapy or meditation, you’d want a different (slower) beat.

group of women painting while listening to a playlist on spotify

2) Familiar

Since I want my attendees to have a good time, my goal is to take a bit of the pressure off. So many people come to paint parties and can feel discouraged as a beginner.

So, I opt to play familiar music that the vast majority of people know.

Why? Because the less people are thinking about the painting (e.g., “I can’t do it like that”), the more energy they’ll put into having fun! Obviously, I want people to paint, but not to be hypercritical of their work. Humming or singing along helps with this.

Woman painting details on a canvas during a paint party

3) Music I Personally Like

Since I throw paint parties (in person and online) quite a bit, I have to listen to my playlist over and over. Y’all better believe I am playing music that I enjoy!

I want painting to be a positive experience that I enjoy too – so I don’t listen to music that gets on my nerves.

Grab my Painting Playlist for Free!

listening to a playlist at a paint party

If you’re looking for the best tunes to keep your paint party rocking, then look no further! Over the years of hosting paint parties (and teaching others to do the same through Paint Party Headquarters), I’ve curated the BEST painting playlist ever.

And, I’m sharing it with you all…for FREE!

This painting playlist is jam-packed with 30 jams that will get your attendees dancing and singing along as they paint. Even better? I’m also giving you a Spotify and Pandora playlist that you can plug and play at your next paint party!

To get the playlist, simply fill out this form here. I’ll email it to you right away, completely free. 🙂

Whether you’re hosting a painting party or just need some inspiration for what music to play when painting at home, these songs are sure to please. Have fun!

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