Do you want to know how we made thousands off of one painting and how we built a design of painting with different objects? You should, because you can do the very same thing for your painting business!

My husband Bobby is the one who created this profitable painting that turned into a huge moneymaker.

How One Painting Made Us Thousands (Painting With Different Objects)

In the very early stages of my paint party business, about 14 years ago, Bobby had a night of inspiration, and I woke up to a beautiful painting that he had created. I also woke up to a huge mess!!

He had pulled out all of the crazy techniques to make this beautiful and unique painting. Using items from forks and spoons to create interesting designs and patterns.

The funny thing is that we never even sold the original painting!! I still keep it in my studio!

How the painting ended up making us thousands of dollars was that we turned it into a paint party design.

This design is something that I still use to this day because it is so fun and makes a perfect painting project for children.

It was such an unexpected thing that really turned this hobby that we had created into a full-time business. With just one painting!!

Tips for Making a Profit from Your Own Paintings and Painting with Different Objects

Our ability to turn one unexpected painting into a thousand-dollar design is not unique to us. You can have the exact same experience and create your own money-making design!

Here are a few tips that I wish that I had known when starting my business.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Designs

If you want to make a living off of your paint party business, you do not need to have a hundred designs ready.

You can literally have two or three strong painting designs that you rotate and use over and over! You can easily make a good amount of money with a small handful of creative designs.

Don’t Buy All of the Supplies Right Off

This is a tip that I really wish I could go back and tell myself! You do not need all of the supplies when starting your business!!

You can literally build your painting business painting with different objects and dollar tree paints. There is no need to have all of the fancy supplies when starting out.

Just use what you have available to you.

Painting with Different Objects

This goes hand in hand with the tip above. You do not need to buy all of the painting supplies that you think you need.

You can get by using what you have on hand. In fact, some of my painting classes use objects such as forks, spoons, sticks, and even marshmallows!!

Try painting with different objects and get creative. This gives you even more room for creativity as you can create designs that brushes can’t make.

Join Paint Party Headquarters!

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