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Baylor reached out to me to see if I wanted to be part of a story they were doing called “Works of Heart”.

I was confused when the lady asked if I would be a part of it because she said… and artist will create something based on your story. I kept saying, “But I’m an artist…. I’ve already created art around this scary time in my life”

And… I didn’t want to talk about the hole in my heart anymore. It’s healed… I’m okay… Wanting to move on.

Also, I LOVE art, but I also am very protective of that time of my life. My dad went through a heart transplant shortly after my surgery so there was a lot of healing going on and to give your story to someone else to interpret felt very scary.

What if she didn’t portray how I felt? What if the art piece took away from all the lessons I had learned? What if she didn’t get me? What if she didn’t show the faith aspect of this entire experience?

So I waited a few weeks before giving an answer. I finally decided if it will help someone I guess I could do it…. still nervous about the outcome.

So… 9 different heart stories were selected and paired with 9 different artists.

When I went to take the photos I walked up to this oversized insanely beautiful art piece and immediately said…. Is that me?

I had no idea how much the piece would affect me. I started crying as I looked at the all the details she made. I was so happy that she could somehow take this experience that felt so heavy and make it so meaningful.

She captured everything I would have wanted in a painting that represented that time period. The hope, the fear, the trust in God to make it all okay.

An artist named Laragh Gallagher painted this and I am forever grateful to have this representation of that time in my life. She did a wonderful job capturing my spirit during such a difficult year.

You can read more about it here and the other stories!!!…/