Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about Pixie’s 10 year work anniversary! Yes, it has been that long! My daughter and I have been hosting painting parties together for 10 years, and we wanted to share some of that story with you all.

Pixie also wanted to share her 3 biggest motivators for starting to help with paint parties and continuing to be a part of my paint party business.

If you want to hear the full story about how she and I worked together all this time, head on over to this Facebook video where Pixie and I chat with you all about how we made it an entire 10 years together!

Heidi and pixie in car (mother and daughter business)

Pixie’s 10 Year Work Anniversary

Because my daughter has just hit a whole decade of helping me host paint parties, she and I decided to reminisce a little bit about all of the years that we have worked together.

Pixie has been working alongside me for 10 years, and we have loved every moment of it. I had her start helping me at a very young age, whether it be setting up supplies, organizing the parties, or cleaning up afterward.

Young girl helping paint a surfboard
Look how little she was! They grow up fast.

Pixie has also helped me with the more intimidating side of running a painting business – like standing on stage helping to explain certain steps and tips! I have even taken her with me on my painting road trips to do public speaking.

It has been such a pleasure for both of us to be able to work together for so long. Not only was it a great teaching experience, but it also allowed us to spend more time with each other, even when I was working!

3 Motivators For Helping With Paint Parties On 10 Year Work Anniversary

Pixie wanted to share the three motivating factors that kept her going with the paint parties to make it to her official 10 year work anniversary! I never made my daughter participate in paint parties. She simply chose to help me throughout all these years.

Here are some of her reasons why:

1. Family

Pixie says that part of the reason why she enjoyed working on paint parties so much is because of me, her mom! And I think that this will be a big motivating factor for most families that host paint parties.

It is a great way to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company while making a living doing what you love. Plus, you’ll have so much fun!!

Heidi, Pixie and Bobby Easley holding up their acrylic paintings

2. Travel

Part of the incentive of hosting paint parties alongside me was being able to go on so many road trips. We have both enjoyed traveling for paint parties all over and being able to see new places – even while we were working!

paint party as a family

3. Self-Confidence

Helping me host painting parties gave Pixie confidence as well! Not only is she more confident with public speaking, she feels more confident in herself overall.

Giving her the option of working at such a young age really helped to build her spirit and make her feel as though she could do anything that she put her mind to. And she can!!

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