I loved painting this fun and popular Interchangeable Seasons “Hello” Door Hanger! I just started by painting every other horizontal section black. I painted right over the lettering, the etching pops right out. Then I painted the other sections solid white. Having a nice flat and square brush helps makes crisp painted edges. Then I set the base aside to dry. This comes with so many cute interchangeable season pieces. And I just had to paint the cute pumpkins and cat in a witch hat. I painted the pumpkins with a solid coat to orange paint. I used a small round brush to use black paint to cover the cat’s tail, body and head. Next I used my liner brush to paint a little brown paint in the ribs of the pumpkins and added some bright orange as a highlight on them. Then I picked up my favorite, Purple Pizzazz, to paint the witch hat and added a black band. Brown stems, green leaves and a gold buckle finished off the details. And you know I couldn’t resit gold highlights and glitter glue on the pumpkins. When the “Hello” banner is dry, I used 24k Gold paint to go over the etched lettering. Having the words already etched in makes this project stress free.

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