Usually I’m showing you how to paint different projects. Sometimes I show you some of the insider tips for running a paint party business. Today I’m touching on the business side of things to show you how I do my porch leaner sign prep.

supplies for porch leaner sign prep

The key to any successful event lies in the planning and prep work. The same is true for hosting paint parties, which are short events where you want to maximize your customers’ enjoyment.

Why do people pay for and come to paint parties?

Hint: it’s NOT about painting! People pay you to come to paint parties so they can relax and have a good time with their friends. That’s how it starts, and, if you do it well, painting becomes an outlet for life.

This means you have the potential to create repeat customers from every event you host!

getting ready to do our porch leaner sign prep

Why is porch leaner sign prep work important?

For most people, the fun part is in the creativity. Painting is the fun part! Preparing to paint…well, that’s work. But it has to be done so that the painting can happen in a short window of time.

Paint parties are short events that usually only last an hour or two. Prep work takes time and there’s no way that your customers will have enough time to do the prep work AND paint and enjoy drinks (and snacks) in that kind of time.

Since the appeal of paint parties for people is the fun part, I do a lot of prep work before my parties in order to let my customers do what they came to do: enjoy the evening.

Prep work is involved for every kind of paint party that I hold. When we do canvases, I take the time to prep canvases.

And when we make leaner signs, I prep those. If I leave that work to the customers, it eats up their paint party time and they don’t have time to do the actual painting.

spreading stain on boards

What Porch Leaner Sign Prep Looks Like

Part of my prep work for a porch leaner sign paint party is to stain my porch leaners. The reason I do that is two-fold:

  • it gives your customers an option to use the stained board or to paint over it for a rustic look
  • doing the staining ahead of time saves your customers about 30-45 minutes so that they can finish their painting on time

Seeing all the smiles on your customers’ faces makes the prep work totally worth it!

spread stain on boards

Tips For Good Porch Leaner Sign Prep

  • Use a paintbrush to get stain onto your sign. Spread it out a little bit.
  • Grab baby wipes and use them to spread the stain around. They help the stain go on faster and smoother so that you can use less stain.
  • Embrace the prep work – put some inspiring music on and enjoy the process.
  • Get excited! It’s up to you to provide a fun event – getting into an excited mindset starts the party off on the right foot.

Leaner Designs You Can Make

Do you know what to prepare ahead of time? If you need help with doing prep work like a champ, Paint Party Headquarters is the perfect place for you!

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