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I started off by thinking I wanted my pumpkins traditional orange, but y’all gave me a great idea to do brown, gold, cream and teal door hanger so I changed my plan up. This is very calm for me but just loved the inspiration. So I started by painting the sign pole a dark Chocolate Brown, just using a 1″ square brush. Then I picked up some light cream and painted two of the sign boards. Then I painted the other two sign boards with a mixture of 24k Gold and cream. While that is drying I used some Calypso Blue mixed with some white to add a base coat to the pumpkins (over the original orange color that I started with.) I made 3 tones of Blue by adding more or less amounts of white. Then I used a little pure Calypso Blue, as shading between the pumpkins, to help make them look separated. I then jumped back into the sign boards and my palette knife. It is one of my favorite sounds. I love scraping the the paint on because of the texture it adds. More is less, don’t get too excited. I scraped 24K Gold and touches of dark brown and black on the vertical pole. My little pumpkin needed more dimension so I used a liner brush to paint in the ribs. I used blue for the shadows in the ribs and white for highlights, to create contrast and depth. When my sign boards were 100% dry I show you a simple way to add lettering if you don’t want to free hand. Print off your favorite saying in your favorite font. And then, my secret, black transfer graphite paper. Trace over your words, pressing firmly, so the graphite paper outline will show on the painted sign. With my itty bitty liner brush I use black paint to go over the words. But a paint marker will work too. I couldn’t resist painting a little fast 3 minute sunflower on the bottom board in the same color scheme. It needed some extra fun pizazz so I added some glitter glue!