The Fall Ball Painting Extravaganza starts on Sunday and I can’t wait to teach all of you! I have someone in the group that just turned 70 and she’s never painted and she is nervous. So, I decided to paint this “Hello Pumpkin” Fall Porch Sign to show just how easy it is to paint. Especially the way I teach you. This is FUN art not fine art!

So, I grabbed these awesome new “Hello Pumpkin” stencils from Essential Stencils. This is a Porch Sign stencil pack, so it makes it super easy to paint a porch leaner. If you want to get this stencil head over to Essential Stencils and use code TEXASHEIDI for a discount. Y’all anybody can do this! Using stencils makes painting super easy.

"Hello Pumpkin" porch sign

What is a Porch Sign?

You’ll hear me refer to these are Porch Leaners a lot! They are a tall, slender piece of wood that leans next to your front door. They are great way to decorate for all the seasons and holidays! You can get a piece of wood at your local hardware store and they may even do a courtesy cut for you! Or, you can use scrap wood you have laying around. Even better, you can make these double sided, so you get two porch signs in one!

Place your stencils and paint!

Test out the placement before you start paintings and stenciling, you want to make sure you like it. Now, I’m using a black porch leaner and white paint but you can always paint a fun background before stenciling your letters. If you haven’t seen it yet check out the Flamingo Porch Leaner I did this Summer.

Before you start stenciling remember, use a stencil brush and offload! This will help you have crisp lines on your sign. You’ll notice me using a chip brush on the letters but that’s just because I was getting this done quickly. A stencil brush is a much better option. That’s it! Now you have an awesome festive Fall porch sign.

Now, here’s what I have found about creating, whether you say that you’re an artist, or you say that you are a crafter or whatever it is; I don’t really care as long as you are creating! As long as you are finding something you love. Because, times get tough and art heals. If you are ready to create and paint get in all the Fall Ball Fun here.

2021 Fall Ball Painting Extravaganza

What is the Fall Ball Painting Extravaganza?

The Fall Ball is a 3 Day Painting Event. You’ll get to go shopping for supplies with me before all the painting fun begins. You’ll get 2 full live step-by-step painting tutorials, one each for the first two days. On the third day I’ll teach you how to use these designs and make money teaching paint parties! I also have a ton of prizes to giveaway during the live 3-day event.

Watch the “Hello Pumpkin” Porch Sign replay here:

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simple hello pumpkin porch sign