Hosting a paint party at home is an easy and fun idea that can be done on any budget. Here are my top simple sip and paint party ideas for hosting an awesome get-together!

Oh, the joys of a night in with friends! When it’s been a long week and you need some downtime from all the craziness, what better way to spend your evening than painting together?

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6 Simple Paint and Sip Party Ideas to Make Your Event Awesome

Not only is a paint party a great way to bond with friends, but it’s also easy and fun! Hosting a paint and sip also happens to be a fantastic way to earn some extra cash.

Here are my top simple sip and paint party ideas for hosting an awesome get-together.

1) Pick a date that works on everyone’s schedule. 

A party is only as fun as the attendees! Make sure to choose a day far enough in advance that everyone can join the fun.

Or, if your crew is the more last-minute type, that’s okay too. Just set a date and go for it.

2) Set up your painting space in advance.

Set up your painting space in the living room or kitchen with all supplies within reach. Make sure there’s enough seating around the table so everyone has plenty of elbow room to work.

You want enough room for everyone to enjoy themselves without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. 

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3) Plan what you’ll be painting.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to painting! You can choose a design that’s seasonal, or pick something that’s timeless. Either way, paint night is a great time to test out new DIYs.

If you need some ideas to get you started, these are the most popular paint party designs I’ve ever done. You can’t go wrong with these! Each includes a free download with tracers and a supply list too.

4) Purchase your supplies.

Purchase staples such as canvases, paint, paintbrushes, and paint trays in advance. If you buy value packs, you’ll get the most bang for your buck! I like to shop at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for my supplies when items are on sale for 40-50% off.

Here’s a list of the 20 most important paint party supplies. While you likely don’t need all of these, it’s a great resource!

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5) Plan snacks and sips.

It wouldn’t be a paint and sip without yummy drinks and treats! If I’m doing this with a group of friends for fun, I like to bring dessert and have everyone bring their favorite appetizers or drinks.

If I’m teaching a paint party at a client’s home, I encourage BYOB. I ask guests to bring a drink of choice for themselves and anyone else in their immediate party. I always make sure to pack extra cups, bottle openers, and napkins to have on hand too.

If there is alcohol, make sure to encourage safe drinking and safe travels after the event by using designated drivers.

By the way, be sure to tell guests not to wash their brushes in their wine glasses, but in their water cups. It happens!

6) Set the tone for the party.

This is perhaps the most important of all the paint and sip party ideas…have FUN! My paint parties are all about having fun! I like to play upbeat music (grab my free paint party playlist here!) and encourage everyone to relax as they paint. We leave the aches and pains of life at home, so we can paint in peace.

Keep the pace and keep the party moving. Customers seem to relax more and enjoy their paintings as the event moves forward (and they feel a little more relaxed). As a host, relax and be okay if your customers get a little silly.

Hosting a paint party at home is an easy and fun idea that can be done on any budget. Whether your goal is just having a few friends over or teaching a group of newbies, these tips will help you plan the perfect event in no time.

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