It’s Christmas time in the south, and if you are like me, you are looking to get your porch ready for all the holiday festivities. This painted snowman porch leaner is sure to be a hit with your neighbors as well as any potential paint party students!

Painted snowman porch leaner

I love this DIY project because it is great for all ages. It is an inexpensive way to make a big statement on my front porch with minimal effort. The tutorial will walk you through how to paint your own Snowman Porch Leaner. It’s actually one of my most popular designs! This painting has been viewed millions of times (3 million views to be exact).

Even better? All of the supplies can be found at any hardware store or craft store and it takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. I even filmed a Facebook Live for you showing you how to paint this snowman porch leaner from start to finish.

How to Paint a Snowman Porch Leaner

Let’s get started! This is an easy, high-impact piece that is practically guaranteed to sell out your paint parties.

2 side by side snowman porch leaners on a table

Step One: Paint the Background of the Wood

Typically, I do this snowman scene on a white background. However, for this painting, I wanted to change it up a bit. I went with a lovely pink shade for a pop of color! Choose what shade works best for you.

mixing pink together for a background

Step Two: Paint the Snowman on the Porch Leaner

This is where the magic happens! A paper plate is the perfect tool to help you get those nice round parts for the snowman’s body.

I traced the paper plate using a 4″ brush and white paint. Easy peasy!

Next, fill in the snowman’s body. Use white paint and circular strokes with your brush.

Finally, freehand the bottom circle of the snowman’s body. Make this one a bit larger – it will likely be larger than the width of your board. See photos for what I mean!

Painted snowmen

Step Three: Accessorize the Snowman

Add some details to your snowman porch leaner. I added a festive green top hat and a matching green scarf. He also got a classic carrot nose and some eyes and a mouth!

Step Four: Add the Stencil

This part is optional, but I recommend it! Using a stencil is an easy way to make your snowman porch leaner look professional and take away the stress of having to freehand.

baby it's cold outside stencil

Of course, if you have awesome handwriting, go for it!

Personally, I use the stencil. Before you add the stencil to the snowman porch leaner, give your sign a quick blast with a hairdryer to make sure it is totally dry. Then, dab on paint and add some shadows.

The Baby It’s Cold Outside stencil is from Essential Stencils! They sell out quick so if you love it, go grab it now!! Plus, use coupon code TEXASHEIDI for a discount!

baby it's cold outside stencil

Watch the Video: How to Paint a Snowman Porch Leaner

This video is a Facebook Live I filmed. I got so many requests to teach this snowman leaner that I hopped online and did it live!

As you’ll see, this process is so simple. Plus, no one can resist a super cute snowman porch leaner! Send me a text and let me know what you think!

painted snowman porch leaner with baby it's cold outside written on them

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