Recently we were at Olive Garden and my daughter finished most of her food and then said “Whew, I was hungry!”

I asked… what did you pack for lunch today.   She says “A yogurt and a pixy stick!”    I quickly look at my husband and he says…. “Did any adults see that you only had a yogurt and a pixy stick?”

“Yes, my friends mom asked if I wanted some of her salad”

Oh crap… Is all I could think.   Really?   A yogurt and pixy stick!

All I could do was laugh….   So here we are at Olive Garden and my daughter just devoured her food and I’m thinking….really…. a pixy stick and a yogurt!

I feel a little guilty, but then I take a look at the big picture.   Sometimes our children may starve a little when we are being creative.   (or paying bills in this case and forgot to check her lunch)   But, I think it teaches them responsibility and teaches us a little humility.

I’m not a perfect mom.   Just last month I forgot her lunch altogether.   She’s now gluten free so the normal stuff at the office wouldn’t do.   So I showed up an hour after her lunch with an apology and a smile hoping she would be okay…. not scarred eternally from a memory of starving as she sat and watched her friends eat.

All these moments make us human.   I am realizing that it’s okay.   It’s okay to not be perfect all the time… your child will not starve…  they will recover.   AND you will learn that perfection is not always the answer.  

I will hold myself to a standard of GRACE, not perfection.

So, this leads me to CREATIVITY!!!    Sometimes you get it wrong and sometimes you just get it right!

The Valentines Day party was assigned to me and one of my friends (who also has a child in 5th grade and who is also an artist).   We were talking and after brainstorming we decided to create a Master Chef Jr. experience for the kids.

Yes, you heard me… 5th graders with little aprons, chef hats (so cute) and most importantly SAFE KNIVES!   That was my biggest concern.

After much planning and preparation and TONS of threats during art class that we will all be SAFE during this activity we are ready!   The kids showed up and quickly found their teammate and off they go!   They searched the school using a treasure map for their ingredients.   Since ovens were not really a part of the art room we had to improvise.   Using blenders and other resources the kids got to work!

I was amazed!   NOT ONE fight!   NOT ONE argument (that I could see or hear anyway)   With the help of many parents, it was incredible… AND they took it so seriously!    

Spending 45 minutes they created and plated their master pieces to show the judges… I was so proud!   

It was a artistic, creative, culinary success!   

Here are some pictures of their creations.  I also wanted to tell you that it’s totally okay if sometimes your child eats a pixy stick for lunch because sometimes they will have a FEAST!   It all seems to balance out in the end anyway!    

Extremely Grateful,



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