Space Camp Drop Off 

It all started when Pixie found her daddy’s Space Camp suit from when he went to Space camp almost 30 years ago!  Wearing it to a Nerds VS. Jocks day at school… and then not taking it off for several weeks.   

So on Feb 14th, Pixie received a present from her Grandma & Grandpa that revealed she would be going to SPACE CAMP in Hunstville, AL!!!!   

After months of daily countdowns, coordinating Mars missions in her room, ordering star gazing books from Amazon, making lists of everything she needed for the adventure of a lifetime, the day finally came.  

Space Camp Drop Off. 

Since the camp is 5 states away…. we took a road trip the day before.   Driving 9.5 hours day one to ensure that we were just a few hours away the day of check in. 

We listened to music and talked about whatever was on her mind.   Stopped for lots of snacks, coffee, food and lottery tickets.   Every time I lose on scratch offs I remind Pixie that gambling never gets you anywhere.   Then when we win we talk about double-or-nothing strategies.   (You know… life lessons)  

Most of my long road trips consist of business podcasts, audio books and uplifting sermons… but this trip was all about her.   Pixie put together a play list for us and we listened to it for hours.   I was happy to see a lot of my favorite country songs including Jamey Johnson and Chris Stapleton where chosen.   They were in a mix with Zendaya and Sabrina Carpenter as well.  

Needless to say… lots of singing took place.   

Pixie took videos on her phone of the road trip and talked to the camera like a pro.   

The closer we got to Space Camp the more nervous she became.    Pixie who LOVES to eat… didn’t want any food.   The last hour of the drive she just laid on my arm and was silent.   

I told her “Pixie, if you are scared what can you do?”  She said, “I can tell someone or text you.”    I replied “Yes, those are great, but remember you can always talk to God ANYTIME!” 

Hoping this would calm her nerves and gently remind her that God is always with her no matter where she is or what she is doing. 

As we pull up she is screaming and excited!   Large rockets are overwhelming taking over the sky.  The air is filled with enthusiasm!   The kids excited and parents jealous that they don’t get to stay and be a part of this awesome week.    

Her biggest fear was not meeting a friend.  Well, immediately we run into a sweet girl named Emmie and within minutes they realize that both are new to space camp and sleep over camp. 

(apparently that is a term I was unaware of – Sleep away camp!  Parents would ask… “Has she done a sleep away camp?”   I found the phrase odd)  

Then it hit me…. sleep away camp…. maybe this is a big deal?   

I’m one of those parents that didn’t cry when she went to middle school… Didn’t cry when I put her in daycare or Pre-K….  Then I see a mom crying and I think… “Am I supposed to be crying??   Am I a bad parent????   Is this one of those emotional moments that I’m supposed to have????”  

Well… let’s just say… I cried this go around. 

When it was time to say goodbye it was so quick!  She went left and I went right.   Quick hug goodbye… I love you and then she’s gone.   I try to hold back the tears as I also try to take a picture of this sweet girl who I feel like has left a little girl and will return a young woman. 

She’s very independent and much more outspoken than I ever was.   However, she’s always had me constantly reminding her “brush your teeth… brush your hair… etc. etc.   This will be the first time she has to REALLY learn time management… work as a team…. RUN A MARS and / or MISSION to the moon!!! 

Not your average daily to do list. 

So, yes… I teared up a little.  And even cried a little on the way home.   Not for sake of missing her, but for the overwhelming feeling of opportunity her grandma and grandpa gave her!   

This wonderful gift that can possible shape her as a little human more than we will know.  

So now we wait… Only a small text from her night one saying Goodnight, I love you.   Not a word since. 

I take this as no news is good news and pray that this experience is everything she hoped and dreamed of.  

As Bobby and I anxiously watch our phones for a text or an email from her… we know that she is in good hands.  

We pick her up on Friday at graduation and I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying like a baby!   I’ll try to not embarrass her in front of all her new friends and be all ears ready to hear 1000 stories of what happened.   

I’m so proud of her for doing something that is scary.    She’s 5 states away staying with strangers.    She was so nervous she wouldn’t eat, but so excited she jumps in not really sure what she is getting into.  

What have you done lately that has taken you out of your comfort zone?    

On the drive back… I listened to my business podcasts, audio books, etc.   One of the ladies in my Paint Party Headquarters recommended Mel Robbins and her 5 second Rule.    It was so timely because she talks about NASA!   

I thought that was fitting!   You can find her on Youtube!   Anyway, the cliff notes are basically this….  motivation is crap.   It will never come.   When you have that desire to do something… do it NOW.   Basically your brain will bring you back to comfort zone in 5 seconds.   

You have 5 seconds to act…. trick your brain… get out of your comfort zone… in order to make a change and have the life you want.  

Pixie, although scared, made a decision to try something new… OUT of her comfort zone.   Yes, fun too… but new.   How many things do you pass by that are fun?   Out of your comfort zone?   

We are all a decision away from ANYTHING WE WANT!   

What do you want?    

PS:   If you want a free guide and video training to starting paint parties check it out here!   I’d love to help you start something a little scary… BUT MOSTLY FUN!