Want to try a splatter paint painting or host a fun painting party with a group of kids? This splatter paint activity is the perfect project for a relaxing painting afternoon or a children’s painting party!

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kids splatter paint pumpkin painting

How to Splatter Paint

This splatter paint idea is very simple, and anyone can do it, whether you are 5 or 55!! 😉

You can do this for ANY holiday event, birthday party, or even community get-togethers like girl scouts, boy scouts, volleyball teams, basketball teams, etc. Or, just set aside an afternoon to teach your kids and a few friends. They’ll love it!

This is also PERFECT for a toddler paint party!

Yes, it may be a little messy, but that is part of the fun!

1. Create an Outline

The first thing you need to do to start your splatter paint painting is to create a stencil or outline. I do this on cardstock since it is sturdier, and I will usually cut out the shape that I want. For this painting, I used a pumpkin shape.

You can find all kinds of great shapes online to print, or you can draw your own to cut out. I also have all kinds of free stencils that you can download!

Add tape to the back of your outline and stick it to your concave so that it stays secure as you paint.

kids splatter paint project

2. Paint the Background

The best color of paint to use for the background is black. That is because it will create clean lines and will show the paint splatters really nicely.

Just paint all of the exposed areas of your canvas to give it a nice black background to use for your splatters.

If you are doing this for a kids painting party, it might be easier to paint the background ahead of time. Very small children may not be able to paint carefully enough to keep the outline intact.

3. Start Splattering

Now for the fun part! I like to use toothbrushes to create paint splatters since you can control them and get much more splatters than you can from paintbrushes.

I like to get several paintbrushes and several paint colors. This is extra fun since kids can pick out their favorite colors to splatter with.

All you have to do is dip your toothbrushes lightly into the paint and flick the bristles with your finger. This will create a fine stray of color, you can also flick a bit harder to get more globs of paint.

Just be careful with this part since you don’t want paint on your walls!!

4. Paint the Center

Now you can remove your outline carefully to reveal the shape on the canvas. You could always leave it like this if you like it. But I like to paint in the shape as well.

You can get really creative here and do whatever you like!

For one painting there was a heart shape painted into two colors with Pixie’s name in the center. For my painting, I used a pumpkin shape and painted it pink with extra details and shadows! You can do whatever you like!

Watch the Video and Learn How to Splatter Paint

See? Isn’t splatter paint so much fun? 🙂

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If you want more great painting ideas and access to courses on how to make a profit with paint parties, you can find it all inside Paint Party Headquarters!

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