Do you need something fun to do on Spring Break with your kids or grandkids?   

This is one of our favorite things!   Trying on Prom dresses!!!  
The lady working at Dillards said “Are you shopping for Prom?”   I said “I’m too old and she’s too young!”   We’re just here looking for Cruise dresses!  

We always put EVERYTHING back and hang it up nicely so it causes no extra work for anyone.   AND we enjoy acting like crazy people in the dressing room as we take on alter egos while also killing a few hours and spending no extra money. 

And the GREATEST thing about this day is… THERE is NO pressure for the dress to fit right!   No pressure to pick something that’s for a certain occasion!   It’s just you and the dresses!   Being whoever you want to be for a few hours!   

After is always followed by 2 more hours at Barnes and Noble!   We drink coffee and read magazines and books for inspiration!   Not much talking… just coffee and reading!  

A fun inspiring afternoon and it only cost the cup of coffee! 

Hope you find something fun to do this Spring Break!   AND if you don’t have anything planned…  surprise your daughter or granddaughter with a trip to the mall to try on prom dresses!   It’s a blast!   

Extremely Grateful,

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