If you want to start a paint and sip, you might be wondering what you need exactly. I’ve got you covered! Here are the necessities you need to have on hand before hosting a painting party.

Hosting a paint and sip may seem overwhelming. But, the good thing is that you don’t need much at all! It only takes a few basic art supplies, a good idea, and a couple of people to start a paint and sip party.

In fact, in as little as a few days, you can already be hosting your own sip and paint classes!!

What’s Needed to Start a Paint and Sip

So, you want to start a paint and sip? That’s great because it is so much easier than most people think it is!!

All you need is a few necessities before you can host your own painting party. While the sky is the limit when it comes to art supplies available, I highly recommend you keep it simple to start. These are the most important things that you need to guarantee your party’s success!


paper plates covered with paint

To start a paint and sip party, you will need to have painting supplies on hand. What you need will depend on the activities that you have planned. Some important options include:

  • paint 
  • brushes
  • canvases
  • paper plates
  • baby wipes
  • plastic cups

You can easily shop for supplies on a budget by shopping online at Amazon or at Hobby Lobby, where many cheap brands can be found.

Make sure to buy extra supplies just in case!!

If you are still new to hosting your own painting parties and aren’t sure how much everything will cost. You can check out this helpful post on the cost of art supplies.

Of course, art supplies aren’t the only thing you’ll need on hand. Remember that half of a paint and sip is the beverage! Whether you stock up on wine or tea, that’s up to you. Remember to keep some light snacks on hand as well. 

Planned Activities

Another important thing that you need for a successful paint and sip party is a planned painting activity. While it may be tempting to just wing it, I highly recommend you spend some time thinking about what you are going to paint and how you will break it down to teach the class to replicate it.  

painted noodle board

Something like this painted noodle board would be a great option that people will love to bring home!! In fact, my blog is packed full of painting tutorials and ideas that you are free to use. 

Want to make it even easier? Join Paint Party Headquarters! You’ll receive exclusive tutorials and traceable art pieces that you can easily turn a profit on. 

Invitation List

paint and sip attendees

What’s a party without any people? Another thing that you need to have for your paint and sip party is an invitation list. You can create this list according to the kind of party that you have planned and who you think would enjoy it.

Then start sending out those emails to let people know what you are planning! Just make sure to send them ahead of time so everyone has the chance to free up their schedule!

You will probably want to make the list longer than you want since several people might not be able to come. This is a good step, especially if you are still new to hosting painting parties and don’t have a list of regulars yet.

Join Paint Party Headquarters

For more details on how to create your own painting party business, join the Paint Party Headquarters! Because yes – it is possible to make a living as an artist!!

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