Only 1 more day to be a part of Paint Party Headquarters! Doors closing at midnight on Thursday, May 14th!…

As soon as you join you will get an Exact Email Script you can send right away to county clubs, libraries, or churches to book a Virtual paint party with an Art Kits upsell.

This will help you book virtual parties and how you can provide a service for your community when no one can be together!

You’ll also get a bonus Art Kit Tutorial so you can start selling art kits right away!!! I interviewed Julie earlier today and she has made over 12K just since April doing Art Kits and Virtual Paint Parties!

I also interviewed Kelly today who is doing Virtual Paint Parties with women’s bible study groups!

AND… Melissa who is selling kits to her local area!

SO much going on right now in the Creative world… AND people LOVE using art to heal! That’s why you see art shelves empty! There is a massive need. Let’s bring people art! Don’t miss joining Paint Party Headquarters! This will be the LAST time it’s offered at $35 month! You can cancel at anytime! Join HERE:…