Help me create and paint this design LIVE! It’s all up to you! And, let’s talk about the controversy of GLITTER!!! Yes, there is one! Let me know below if you are a glitter lover or NO go when it comes to glitter! Maybe this video will change your mind!

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I painted this like a Mad Lib.

I had YOU guys help me pick designs, colors and stencils.

Out of 3 designs…you picked the K-cup Coffee Cup.

The next step was colors…..

Black and White, classic


Turquoise and Gold, a little country.

and the winner was..

A little country.

Then we had to decide on the base.

And y’all picked GOLD!

Picking the perfect is always so tough for me.

I am so glad y’all were here to help me decide.

Paisley or Flower?

And Paisley won!

Gold paint with a Paisley stencil, and look what we created!