Look, I don’t cook, I wish I did but it’s just not my passion. Plus, I’m really bad at it. I would much rather spend my time painting and creating. But I know there are people out there who are really great at cooking, boy do I wish y’all could live with me because I would love it! Now, my dad built this awesome noodle board for me and I’m going to show you how to paint it and make it something special for your kitchen.

noodle board with hand painted sunflower and stenciled words "simply blessed" and bottles of acrylic paint

What is a noodle board?

Y’all, don’t laugh at me but until a few years ago I thought you could only buy noodles/pasta in the store. I had no idea you could make it at home. I really thought they only way you could them was to buy them. Now, the noodle board. It’s really just a cover for your stove top, but historically they were used to create more counter space to make noodles.

If you have limited counter space or just want something decorative to cover your stove the noodle board is a great solution.

simply blessed stencil, various acrylic paints on a paper plate, scissors and paint brushes

How to paint a noodle board.

Step 1 – Stain the board

I’m using General Finishes glaze effect in Van Dyke brown and a little bit of water. Grab a chip brush and just cover the board in stain. Take a dry paper towel and just wipe down the board. The board will be pretty much dry at this point and ready to paint!

Step 2 – Add your artwork

You can freehand some flowers or a design or use stencils or even do both! For this project I’m free handing a sunflower and stenciling “simply blessed” on this board. The sunflower is sooo simple to paint. Using acrylic paint in the color of your choice you’ll just paint and fill in a circle then add your petals and fill them in too. You can add dimension by using some darker colors on your sunflower. Don’t forget to outline your sunflower to make it pop!

Using white acrylic paint, you can stencil your words on to the noodle board. Just make sure you use a a stencil brush and offload before stenciling your words.

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noodle board with hand painted sunflower and stenciled words "simply blessed" and bottles of acrylic paint, acrylic painting of a desert scent with words "not all who wander are lost"

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Watch the full tutorial here:

DIY Painted Noodle Board with image of noodle board with a hand painted sunflower and bottles of acrylic paint