Many of you have seen glimpses of my studio during Facebook Lives, but it recently occurred to me that I didn’t have a dedicated post showing my space in its entirety, and I had to correct that! I also am excited to give you a peek behind the curtain at my storage solution and where I hide all of the overflow and not-as-pretty painting supplies. Come check out my studio tour, y’all!

Welcome to my studio tour! As an artist and paint party teacher, it’s so important for me to have a creative and inspiring space where I can work on my art and teach my online classes. This studio is just that – it’s colorful and full of light, with plenty of space for me to spread out.

This studio is my refuge; it’s a place where I can escape from the everyday stress of life and just focus on my art. It’s also a great space for collaboration; I often invite friends over to work on projects together. Art is better with friends!

Colorful studio tour

What’s in My Studio Tour

I also want to note that not everyone needs a studio (or at least one as large as mine). I used to paint at a dining table in our apartment, and I’ve painted outside in the grass. However, at this point in my business, I found that a dedicated space was necessary and I am so thankful for it!

Natural Light

As someone with an online business, I found that having a space with natural light to photograph my art (both while in progress and finished) has been a game changer!

As you’ll see in the video below, I’ve got the perfect little window nook for that purpose. I usually stick with the same background, but can easily switch it up if I feel like it.

Artificial Lighting

I also use plenty of ring lights and other artificial lighting. There are FIVE lights in my studio space! To be fair, a ring light is one of my top 6 must-have business tools.

There’s also a super cool chandelier that you’ve got to check out in the video!

art studio tour with artificial lights

Attic Storage

One thing you’ll notice is the attic areas! I feel like God made this room for me, as there are not one, not two, but THREE separate attic storage areas in this space!!!

Space number one is what I call the ceramic and wood closet. I’ll be honest and say I had someone help me organize it because that’s not my gifting!

wood and ceramic storage in attic

Attic space number two is a mixture space. It’s mostly where I keep stencils – you KNOW I love a good stencil! I keep them in labeled boxes with the season or holiday written on the box. I also keep staging supplies here for photoshoots.

labeled bins for stencil storage

The 3rd area is where I store all of my extra porch leaners, canvases, brushes, cups and other paint party materials. It’s great to have this extra storage space, especially since I’m always creating new pieces!

canvas storage in attic

Paint Wall

This is kind of the show stopper of my space! My husband built me this custom shelving by hanging trim pieces on the wall with L brackets. As you can imagine, it’s incredibly functional because I can just grab colors as I need them, but it also is really pretty so it doubles as my background.

paint wall storage

Other Storage

I also have several spaces around the studio that have more storage. I wanted things to not feel so cluttered and claustrophobic, so I prefer to have everything tucked away!

Watch the Video of my Studio Tour

This quick video gives you a tour of my space! Remember, all you need to get started is a tiny little space carved out – where there is a will, there’s a way!

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