Liz Brent of BrentArt and I got together LIVE to paint this Paint Party Headquarters Eiffel Tower design and talk all things paint party business!  She teaches paint parties online and in person and also sells art kits. Liz is going tell us all about how she found success with virtual paint parties.

Liz was originally an art teacher and after attending so many paint parties and having fun she thought “let me try this out.”. So, in January 2019 she started her paint party business journey. She had a ton of support from friends and family and was teaching at bars, restaurants and other venues.

Liz Brent
Liz Brent, Owner BrentArt

Liz found Paint Party Headquarters

Liz was sooo excited for 2020, she had parties scheduled and lined up, even some at people’s homes. Then, the whole world changed and all her paint parties were cancelled. She didn’t know what she was going to do so she just started searching online and found me. First, she got the eBook on how to run paint parties, then took the class on how to take paint parties online.

Right after taking that class, she joined Paint Party Headquarters. It was perfect, exactly what she needed. It’s been going strong ever since. Liz has hosted upwards of 60 paint parties since March of 2020. She has also sold over 500 art kits!

acrylic painting of branches and leaves by Liz Brent
Photo and painting by Liz Brent, BrentArt

Finding success with virtual paint parties

Everything happened so fast! At first Liz wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She was still a full-time teacher but this was her passion, her dream. It felt like everything she worked for was just getting cancelled. She knew she had to act fast and just started implementing everything she was learning.

People just really took to it. It was amazing! In May of 2020 Liz was able to quit her full-time teaching job and teach paint parties full-time instead! Her family is also super supportive, her father and brother are both artists and she sometimes incorporates their art into BrentArt. They weren’t surprised at all at her success and tell all of their friends which brings even more business to her.

acrylic painting of ocean sunset by Liz Brent
Photo and painting by Liz Brent, BrentArt

Looking to the future

They truly feel like she works hard and makes it happens. She even told them about Paint Party Headquarters. Liz says it’s why she is so successful. It’s a community of people like you where you can collaborate and help each other out and there is so much training as well.

So, what does Liz’s life look like in 5 years? She wants a community art studio. A place that feels comfortable like a library, where you don’t feel like you are walking into classes. More like an art hangout, where people come, relax and create.

If you are starting a paint party business or want to start a paint party business then Paint Party Headquarters is for you!  Join here today. Doors are open for a limited time and this is the last time you will be able to join at $37 per month!!!

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success with virtual paint parties with image of acrylic painting of flowers and acrylic paints by Liz Brent