I have an awesome painting to show you today. This Summer Camper acrylic painting also works for Fall! Now, this is a mini tutorial that is available inside Paint Party Headquarters and was done by guest artist Julie, Owner of Paint Party with Julie. I’m also giving you an inside look at how to access this tutorial inside the membership! How exciting is that??!!

As a member you have access to this painting and many, many more. You can access them in THREE different places! The Facebook group, Kajabi and the Kajabi app. So many of the paintings come with a marketing pack, painting tutorial, supply list and tracers. It’s everything you need for your paint parties and art kits!

cute camper painting

Get Your Canvas Ready

First, you will want to get your canvas ready. So, print out the tracer and using some black carbon paper you can trace the design directly on to the canvas. Now, when you print the tracer it will be on 4 separate pages but each page will tell you where to place it on the canvas! Just line up the drawing and tape together (if you want). If you are teaching paint parties it’s ok to not provide traced canvases but I find that painters really appreciate it when they are provided.

Follow The Instructions

Then I just followed Julie’s instructions! I painted all my yellow pieces first, so the moon the fire and little of the background. Next up I painted the camper. Then it was all about the blues! I just continued painting the background with a lighter and darker blue. To continue the background I moved on to the black paint which is the silhouette of the trees. Y’all this painting is super simple and only takes an hour.

painting of a camper in the woods

To get the full tutorial get on the Paint Party Headquarters waitlist here. By joining you will become part of an amazing community that also provides training, marketing materials, social media tips and so much more!

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Summer Camper Painting Replay:

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