You see me talk about teaching paint parties a lot, I know. But when you hear from other people it really starts to hit home. So, today I’m talking with two Paint Party Headquarters Members, Tammy and Leah. Teaching paint parties has improved their lives and they are going tell us how! Leah has sold over 7000 Art Kits and Tammy has already booked 19, yes 19 paint parties for the next few months.

How Teaching Paint Parties Improved Tammy’s Life

Three years ago, Tammy started hosting paint parties. In that first year and half she hosted about 170 parties. Before Tammy started doing paint parties, she was carrying about $40k in credit card debt, she had that debt for about 25 years. Then she got in to the paint party business. It’s excellent, fun and you’re doing something you want to do while making people happy. Tammy says there is so much money to made in paint parties, it’s ridiculous! Now, it doesn’t start right away, she had many cancelled parties. But once they got to know her, she had a lot of repeat customers. She was able to pay off her 40k in debt by 2020!

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How Teaching Paint Parties Improved Leah’s Life

Leah has been in the paint party business for over 10 years and it started off really slow. But over the last year and half businesses had switch over to being more online than in person. Leah says this was the push she really needed. She was already offering kit before the world changed but hadn’t really pushed them because her in person business was going so well. But when she had to pivot she already had that foundation! She just started telling people she could mail them a kit and it would include an instructional video. Which is better than having her in person because they can pause her, rewind her or watch her as many times as they need to in order to get their painting right.

In Person, Online or Art Kits, or All Three?

Leah had success with in person parties then had to pivot and she has found success with Art Kits. Tammy has found success with in person parties. I also have members that have found success with online paint parties. Sometimes when we try to do all three at once we can get overwhelmed and then nothing happens. Just take it one step at a time, do in person first and get that where it is almost like muscle memory. Then add on Art Kits and then add online parties. You can do whatever you are most comfortable with first!

Art Kit by Texas Art & Soul

What is Tammy proud of most?

Obviously, she is super proud of paying off 40k of debt. But, also Tammy is a Breast Cancer survivor. If she had taken that as a hit and stopped pushing herself she wouldn’t be where she is today. She says “Nothing ever stops me!”. Tammy started painting and it totally healed her.

Join Paint Party Headquarters!

If you are just learning to paint, looking to start a paint party business or looking to grow an existing paint party business then Paint Party Headquarters is for you! You get access to training that I created from my 10+ years of experience teaching paint parties. As well as a monthly on trend painting, marketing tip and social media tip. You will also have access to a library of paintings, many of which come with a tracer pack, supply list and step-by-step tutorial.

Paint Party Headquarters is more than just paint parties. It’s an amazing community of fellow artists who will support and guide you. Join this amazing community here.

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