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Today we are painting a rooster for this awesome Farm Sweet Farm door hanger. I’m actually going to show you 2 different styles. I’m doing this at a paint party and wanted to give my painters a few options for the rooster. I mean, some of them may not want all those crazy colors.

wood door hanger with words farm sweet farm and brightly painted rooster

1. Simple Black & White Stenciled Rooster

This way is super easy, it’s a simple black and white design using a stencil. Just grab your favorite stencil, a stencil brush and some black and white paint.  Make sure to paint the entire rooster black first and let it dry. Then use your white paint to stencil the design. You could even do this in any color combo you want and make it really match your home.

2. Fun and Colorful Rooster

Just grab a bunch of bright acrylic paint like some reds, yellows, oranges, blues and greens. I started with yellow and orange right under the rooster’s head and just blended it in. You are going to do the same with all of the colors as you add them in. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you can just go over it with the other colors. I used a little white and black paint to add some accents.

wood door hanger with words farm sweet farm with brightly painted rooster and black & white rooster

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Watch the full painting tutorial here

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