Today I’m going to show you how to paint this awesome Welcome Porch Sign. If you haven’t painted a Porch Leaner before this is a super easy one to start with. It’s relatively cheap and you can paint it in a short amount of time.

I’m going to show you a couple of techniques to paint this porch sign. I’m using stencils from Essential Stencil. Use coupon code TEXASHEIDI at checkout for a discount. I’m going to use a paper towel and a dry brush technique and I’ll show you how!

Paint the Background of Your Porch Sign

First things first, take a 6 ft board and stain it. I use General Finishes Glaze Effects Van Dyke Brown. It is a water-based stain that dries super quick. You can leave the wood grain or white wash it like me.  Take a dry chip brush and dip it in white paint, make sure you offload some of the paint. Then just dry brush the paint on to the porch sign for a white washed look. If you use too much paint you can always take a paper towel or baby wipe to fix it!

welcome porch sign

Stencil Your Welcome Porch Leaner

Make sure your porch leaner is dry first, if you are short on time you can grab a blow dryer to help. Before you start stenciling always make sure you offload your stencil brush! I used a paisley stencil but you can use any stencil design you would like! Using turquoise paint and a stencil brush I stenciled some paisley on the top and bottom of the board.

Make sure you tape your welcome stencil together first and using black paint stencil the word Welcome on the sign.

This is such an easy sign to make! You can make signs like this to sell or for paint parties or even to give as gifts!!

heidi easley and her easy diy welcome porch sign

Using stencils at a Paint Party?

You don’t need a zillion stencils! But you do want at least 1 stencil for every 3 painters. Better if you can have 1 for every 2.  When you are starting out, I know you can’t go out and buy a bunch of stencils. I built my collection over time. I used some profit from each party to continue adding to my collection of stencils.

Where to get the boards?

I get my boards at Lowe’s. They are a 6 ft white wood and I’ve paid anywhere from $13 – $20 per board. If you are using these for a paint party make sure you stain them ahead of time. This will save lots of time at the party!

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Watch me paint this porch leaner here:

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