How many times have you painted something? I’ve painted Starry Night probably over 100 times! I recently painted the rooster on the Farm Sweet Farm door hanger and so many people were asking “Where can I get that door hanger?”. Unfortunately, these door hangers are SOLD OUT! If they become available again we will let you know. However, I am painting this one for a paint party and thought I could share with you how you can paint it too!

Give your background a wood look

Using a chip brush and Peacock Teal paint just cover the whole piece. Take your 1-inch flat brush and some white paint and just add the lines for the wood planks. Take a dry chip brush and brush the back ground then dip it in white, dab off the extra paint and then lightly brush the white over the background. This will just distress the background and give it that wood look!

rustic farm sweet farm door hangers

Easy way to paint Farm Sweet Farm and the rooster

Take a sponge brush and some white paint dab a little paint from the sponge and then just dab the letters. It paints them super quick! Just dip and dab! You can even add some dimension to the letters with black paint.

I used black and white paint for the rooster.  I painted the entire rooster black and then took some white paint and a round sponge brush to add some polka dots. You can even add some smaller dots as well!

These rooster door hangers are great addition to your outdoor décor and also a great addition to your paint party business!

blue black and white farm sweet farm door hanger with rooster

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Watch this video to see how I painted this awesome Farm Sweet Farm door hanger!

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